NIGHT TERROR is electronic prog music from Tyson Torstensen of Ga'an & Magical Beautiful.
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+ TUE MAR 11 - at Schubas in Chicago with The-Drum + more. $7 8PM 21+.

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__NOV 11 2013 - 41 minutes of new music from Night Terror available for a limited time to stream or download at bandcamp or soundcloud (stream only).

__SEP 22 2013 - Give yourself some time and a decent listening environment for this one: Night Terror - a canticle. It's a 16-minute improv, edited only for length, exploring slightly more placid landscapes than found on any other Night Terror song.
///The Dream Home live collaboration between Night Terror and Lyra Hill can now be viewed here. It was filmed by two cameras at the Co-Prosperity Sphere as a part of Brain Frame's 2nd anniversary. Of the performance, the Chicago Tribune says it was "so creepy that a woman standing against the back wall stared at the floor for the entire segment, shaking her head when a man beside her asked if she was OK." The sound on the video was recorded direct from the board. It's a long piece, so if you don't have time to watch all of it, at least watch from about 15:00 on.
///I am working on a new, seamless live set that will be debuted on 10.19 at The Burlington.

__AUG 21 2013 - All the shows recently have been awesome. I have been writing new music. Check out a 6-minute excerpt of a new 13-minute song right here!

__JUN 30 2013 - Next Sunday, I will be travelling to a farm in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with the comics artist / filmmaker / performer Lyra Hill in order to work in isolation on a collaborative piece. This piece will first be presented in Chicago on July 28 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere as a multi-media performance. After this, we will spend the next several months getting the work to it's intended final stage: a full-length Night Terror LP / full-size comic book by Lyra Hill. Stay here for updates throughout the process. If you have the chance to see the performance at the Co-Propserity Sphere, I highly recommend checking it out - I doubt that you have seen anything like it before.

/// Night Terrors received a terrific review from Avant-Garde Metal, which concludes: "this is a marvelous piece of timeless electronic music".

/// Discover Magazine recently rated Night Terrors one of the "25 Best Cassettes of 2013 (So Far)", saying: "Chicago-based electronic musician Tyson Torstensen named his synth project Night Terror and then named his cassette Night Terrors, managing to nail it on the head both times with how his music actually sounds. Night Terror is, indeed, terrifying. But it’s also brilliant—in a way that madmen always seem to be geniuses. I bought this tape at a Night Terror show that I unknowingly walked into a couple months ago because that set literally gave me chills on the back of my thighs. This cassette is not easy listening, by all means, but if you’re like me and put on the Suspiria soundtrack before going to bed, then this is definitely for you."

/// Chicago Reader wrote a blurb on Night Terror in the Gossip Wolf column.

__APR 05 2013 - The new album is streaming in its entirety at Bandcamp. Unfortunately, Bandcamp, (like Soundcloud and every other streaming service), streams music stored on their servers at 128 kbps, meaning the listener is missing significant sonic information that can be found by downloading the tracks (which are a minimum of 320 kbps), or by listening on cassette. (I am pleasantly surprised by how great the tape sounds - in some areas, I am more pleased with its sound than the 24-bit masters.)

/// Notes And Bolts released an interview with Night Terror wherein we discuss influence, the superiority of Chicago music, soundtracks and origin. I also brought in some great music that he showcases throughout the episode. Stream here, free download from it*nes here.

/// Sweden's Invisible Man includes Night Terrors in his "Best Right Now" section, saying, "...noisy and brawny, as the tropospheric bolts of lightning quickly lunge out and strike you where you least expect it – continually, like (non)rhythmic noise." Read the inscrutable piece here.

__MAR 20 2013 - Night Terrors, the first full-length from Night Terror is available to purchase NOW from Living Tapes. I will also have a limited amount of them on the upcoming tour dates. A Chicago release show date has been nailed down - it will be a dual release show with Quicksails, celebrating his debut LP on Spectrum Spools. Also playing are Bitchin Bajas and Wildcats. It should be a FUN NIGHT. You'll have to ask around for directions to Lake Paradise, or email me at ihearanewworld(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

__MAR 16 2013 - New video for new song. It's a live performance of "Not A Dream" with live projections by Alance Ward. Sound was recorded straight from my mixing board so it sounds pretty great. /// The NIGHT TERRORS tapes have arrived at Living Tapes & should be here at I Hear A New World HQ soon. I am saving my copies for live shows, so if you need mailorder, get it from Living Tapes. /// Short thing on NT from Slow Jamz For Men.

__MAR 13 2013 - No Fear Of Pop just premiered "They Die", from the Night Terrors full-length cassette. You can read about it / listen to it here. The tape is due to be delivered any time now. I will have a limited amount to sell at the upcoming Night Terror live dates. Tell all your friends!
__ JAN 13 2013 - I am very pleased to announce that the cassette pressing for the first Night Terror album, Night Terrors, is on order from Living Tapes. It will be a limited-edition release of 100 cassettes, available some time between February and April. (A precise release date and accompanying release party is forthcoming.) The cover art, tracklisting and running time are following this colon:

01. Forever (Extended Version) [18:50]
02. Putrefaction [01:41]
03. They Die [09:53]
04. Mutilate The Stillborn [06:02]
05. Abominable [04:25]

All songs were played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tyson Torstensen at Hear A New World in Chicago, IL between March 2012 and January 2013. Cover artwork is by Lyra Hill. The synthesizers used were the Ensoniq ESQ1, Ensoniq SQ80, Arturia Origin and Roland SH32. The sampling and programming were done on an Akai MPC1000. The audio was recorded and edited in Pro Tools, on a Korg D3200 and an Olympus LS10.

Listen to samples of every song here at soundcloud.

More exciting news coming soon.

PROMO PHOTOS by Lyra Hill (click for hi-res):



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Past NIGHT TERROR performances:

#19 - 10.19.13 at The Burlington w/ Songs For Gods; Death Scenes

#18 - 08.23.13 at The Observatory w/ Golden Birthday; Jimmy Whispers

#17 - 07.28.13 at Co-Prosperity Sphere w/ Lyra Hill (Dream house collaboration at Brain Frame 13)

#16 - 07.24.13 at Township w/ Bestial Mouths; Lightpolite; The Voice of Saturn

#15 - 04.26.13 at Lake Paradise in Chicago, IL w/ Bitchin' Bajas; Quicksails

#14 - 04.23.13 at The Goldenwest in Baltimore, MD w/ Curse; Vlonde

#13 - 04.22.13 at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY w/ The Flag; Trabajo

#12 - 04.18.13 at The Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA w/ Majeure; Trogpite

#11 - 03.08.13 at The Burlington in Chicago, IL w/ Implodes (Chicago Underground Film Festival after-party)

#10 - 11.18.12 at Quarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin w/ DJ Stacian (for Night Flight)

#09 - 10.13.12 at The Burlington in Chicago w/ Michael Vallera; Bell Witch; Swan King

#08 - 09.17.12 at The Observatory in Chicago w/ Gel Set; Buoyant Sea

#07 - 07.12.12 at The Burlington in Chicago w/ Gel Set; Lyra Hill; Xina Xurner

#06 - 06.13.12 at Empty Bottle in Chicago w/ Valis; Windbreaker; Ken Zawacki

#05 - 05.11.12 at God's Closet in Chicago w/ onYou; J+J+J (part of Version Fest 12)

#04 - 04.10.12 at Empty Bottle in Chicago w/ Psychic Steel; Ken Camden; Brett Naucke

#03 - 03.07.12 at The Whistler in Chicago, IL w/ Deep Sleep

#02 - 01.21.12 at Happy Dog in Chicago, IL w/ Bomb Banks & Violet Mice

#01 - 10.08.09 at The DAAC in Grand Rapids, MI w/ Antimagic