I HEAR A NEW WORLD Records, Tapes & CDRs is a very small record label/recording studio based on the Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois, in the middle of the United States Of America. It was started in September, 2006 by Tyson Torstensen to release the first album from his band, Magical, Beautiful. It is funded by Mr. Torstensen's day job as a music teacher.

     Inspired by Joe Meek's visionary new planet of dubious fidelity, we release and record music because we love it. We do not expect to make any money from this venture, nor do we seek fame nor notoriety. Whatever the future may hold for musical products, we plan on making music available to the world for as long as we live.

     Other record labels from which Mr. Torstensen gleans inspiration: Wackie's; Gravity; Ebullition; Bloodlink; Dischord; Basic Channel; Not Not Fun; Drag City; PW Elverum & Suns; Cassingle USA; Paw Tracks; Great American Steak Religion; Channel One; Vermiform; Factory; and more!