JULY 16, 2012 - Ga'an is not currently playing any live dates. The first two albums are available on LP and download from CAPTCHA.
The most recent album, "Black Equus" can be streamed in full/purchased here
Here are the active projects in which the members of Ga'an are currently involved:

      PSYCHIC STEEL - Seth Sher (drums) solo project. Drums & synth.
      NIGHT TERROR - Tyson Torstensen (synth/bass) solo project. Synth & drum machine.
      FIELDED - Lindsay Powell (vocals/synths) solo project. Voice & electronics
      JEREMIAH FISHER - Modular synth solo project from first Ga'an synth player.
      ZATH - Progressive thrash metal from Seth Sher (Ga'an), Zack Weil (Cacaw; Ga'an associate), and Dan Browning (Cave).
      MAGICAL BEAUTIFUL - Dubbed-out space rock band led by Tyson Torstensen.
      FESTIVAL - Vocal-led, slightly baroque folk duo from Lindsay and Alexis Powell.

GA'AN - BLACK EQUUS LP OUT 11/29/2011.
Limited to 666 copies. First 100 on clear vinyl.

Order the Black Equus and self-titled LPs from Captcha or Midheaven.
Digital: iTunes | emusic | amazon
Listen to Arms They Speak, the first song from the album.

Email riseofthegaan(at)gmail(dot)com
Ga'an on F*cebook.
Credits for Black Equus:
Lindsay Powell - vocals, electric piano, synth
Seth Sher - drums
Tyson Torstensen - synths, bass guitar, synth bass, electric piano
Recorded & mixed by: Nick Broste & Ga'an
Mastered by: Griffin Rodriguez
Artwork & layout by: Robert Beatty

There are not any Ga'an shows currently scheduled.

Credits for self-titled album
Jeremiah Fisher - synths
Lindsay Powell - vocals
Seth Sher - drums
Jason Sublette - bass, synth
Recorded & mixed by: Cooper Crain
Artwork & layout by: Robert Beatty

Ga'an @ Cranky Yellow (Friday 13th)