05.12.11 - Providence show moved to Soft Approach. WOLF EYES added to the lineup.

05.11.11 - New Ga'an song. Arms They Speak (mixed and mastered, from forthcoming LP #2 on Captcha.

Also, listen to episode 3 of I Hear A New Radio to hear a whole bunch of stuff about Ga'an, as well as excerpts from the rest of the new LP and music from related bands Fielded and Psychic Steel.

If you are in one of the cities we are playing (dates below), please spread the word about our shows! We will greatly appreciate it - we want to play for as many people as possible.

05.05.11 - Updated tour dates below! Spread the word! We will be selling copies of the s/t LP plus new t-shirts and maybe some other treats.

THU 5/12 -- IOWA CITY @ White Lightning Warehouse w/ Cocoon, LWA
FRI 5/13 -- ST. LOUIS, MO @ Cranky Yellow w/ Bikini Acid, Spelling Bee
SAT 5/14 -- CARBONDALE, IL @ The Skihouse w/ Alex Body
SUN 5/15 -- Ga'an go camping
MON 5/16 -- LEXINGTON, KY @ Cosmic Charlies w/ Merkaba & Rat King
TUE 5/17 -- RICHMOND, VA @ Sprout w/ Caves Caverns
WED 5/18 -- BALTIMORE, MD @ Emerald City (419 E Oliver St.) w/ Whoarfrost
THU 5/19 -- PHILADELPHIA, PA @ The Marvelous Music
FRI 5/20 -- NYC/BROOKLYN @ Shea Stadium w/ GDFX (member of Liturgy)
SAT 5/21 -- NYC/ BROOKLYN @ The Charleston w/ Wizardry, Thyrombus Rex
SUN 5/22 -- NYC/BROOKLYN @ DeathByAudio w/ La Otracina, Vaura (mbrs. Dysrhythmia, Religious to Damn)
MON 5/23 -- PROVIDENCE, RI @ Soft Approach w/ Wolf Eyes, Black Pus (member of Lightning Bolt) note venue change
TUE 5/24 -- BOSTON, MA @ Problemhouse w/ Ehnahre (mbrs. Kayo Dot), Gondoliers, Arvid Noe
WED 5/25 -- NORTHHAMPTON, MA @ Media Mansion
THU 5/26 -- ITHACA, NY @ Community School of Music and Arts w/ Underground River
FRI 5/27 -- PITTSBURGH, PA @ The Shop w/ Richard Pinhas (Heldon)
SAT 5/28 -- CLEVELAND, OH @ Now Thats Class w/ Clan of the Cave Bear
SUN 5/29 -- CINCINNATI, OH @ Mockbee (2260 Central Parkway)
MON 5/30 -- CHICAGO, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Pillars and Tongues, Axis: Sova, Ancient Ocean (Free show)

03.07.11 - Ga'an is currently mixing their second LP with Nick Broste at the Shape Shoppe in Chicago. There are no dates scheduled until then. The first, self-titled album from GA'AN is available on 12" LP from Captcha Recordings here. This is a vinyl reissue of the full-length cassette recorded in 2009 with the original lineup of Sher/Powell/Sublette/Fisher.

(Ga'an - "ga'an" cover artwork by Robert Beatty.)

If you would like to help set up or promote a show, contact riseofthegaan(AT)gmail.com

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Older press pieces on Ga'an:
New City
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Here is a video of Ga'an performing a section from "Call Of The Black Equus" at our record release show for the self-titled album at the Empty Bottle in January, 2011:

(Listen with headphones to hear the bass frequencies!)

Contact Ga'an at riseofthegaan(AT)gmail.com

(Ga'an opening for Sleep at Logan Square Auditorium. September,2009. Photo by Leslie Deckard.)

(Ga'an recording at Shape Shoppe. March, 2010. Photo by Nick Broste.)

Ga'an is:
Lindsay Powell - vocals, keyboards
Seth Sher - drums
Tyson Torstensen - keyboards, bass guitar

Lindsay does solo recordings and performances as Fielded. She is also in Festival, and was once in Skyblazer.
Seth records and performs solo as Psychic Steel and is a part of Oakeater. He was once in Coughs.
Tyson leads Magical Beautiful and does solo electronic work as NIGHT TERROR.

myspace.com/gaan is the official myspace for Ga'an.
Ga'an on Facebook