++IHANW01: MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL "magical, beautiful" CDr/cassette
-Originally released 09.15.06 in Berlin, Germany in an edition of 60.
-Rereleased in Chicago, IL 10.28.06 in an unlimited edition.
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-- SIDE A (20:16)
01 I Hear A New World 4:07 (Joe Meek)
02 Lake Michigan/Tomorrow 1:17 (Thurston)
03 Silverado Canyon 4:08 (Thurston)
04 Cocoon 5:38 (Bjork/Knapp)
05 Fdbk 1:08 (Thurston)
06 (I Just Wanna) Be Yr Man 2:50 (Thurston)
07 Tablerock 1:08 (Thurston)
-- SIDE B (20:25)
08 South Carolina 2:24 (Thurston)
09 I Send My Love To You 3:15 (Will Oldham) (*alternate version)
10 Horsebreaker 4:37 (Thurston)
11 The Music Lover, PtrIlch 4:01 (Thurston)
12 A New World 6:16 (Thurston)
*re: "Send My Love To You" dub: remixed in 2007 for some un-remembered reason. I prefer the mix on the dub and the mastering on the original.
Home-recorded by one man over 10 months in Chicago, IL; this is a moving, dynamic debut of "grandiosely stoned prog/pop compositions put together with chewing gum and resin" (Blastitude) that will get your heart-mind moving. Space hoedowns, sexual-spiritual crises, candy-coated Suicide odes, guitar improvisations and a song that sounds like Neil Young guesting on a Tchaikovsky/Gershwin collabo; this is a strange release that covers a lot of ground. Unification comes via the wild, unorthodox production techniques employed, with several tactile layers of reverb & delay working together to make an intense close listen.

These are the first recordings Mr. Thurston ever attempted to make of the first real songs he had ever written, and features radical interpretations of songs by Joe Meek, Bjork & Will Oldham. Equal attention is paid to: songwriting; production; performance; forthrightness; humor and sexuality. Multi-tracked vocals often fly out of their comfort zone as virtuostic piano playing is fuzzed-out by delayed bass. Comes in hand-made, much-labored-over packaging featuring lyrics, artwork & extraneous information.
-Bobby Teenager. Chicago, IL 2007.
Performed, engineered and mixed by T. Thurston in the basement of Hear A New World, Chicago, IL 2005-2006, except for tracks 5 and 7 recorded in a garage in Santa Ana, CA in 2004-2005. Recorded onto Head Of Femur's 16-track Roland VS1680 (circa 1998) and a Yamaha cassette 4-track and mixed down to HiFi VHS tape. Only dynamic, hand-held microphones used. All effects recorded direct in real time via stompboxes (Mr. Thurston did not know about aux sends at the time); no digital plug-ins or compression used until mastering. Mastered digitally by Patrick Pritchett.
(First 60-some copies featured hand-sewed booklets and were sold exclusively on the Casiotone FTPA/Dead Science European tour in Fall '06. Further copies to date feature improved artwork and information, but have staples instead of sewing.)