++IHANW02: MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL: "obscure love"
-Released 03.26.07 in Chicago, IL in a one-time edition of 75
-29 minutes in length. 5 songs.
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01. 5:47
02. 4:27
03. 4:20
04. 6:47
05. 7:58
    "Obscure Love" is a recording of keyboard improvisations done by T. Thurston (from Magical, Beautiful) one cold night in Chicago. The recordings were made for Mr. Thurston's private collection, but upon personal reflection and review from outside parties, they revealed themselves to be a beguiling addition to the already beguiling I HEAR A NEW WORLD catalog. The pieces are unpredictable and wild, following an internal logic that treats late-period Romantic composers Grieg & Debussy the same as 20th century Russians Khachaturian & Rachmaninov the same as Gershwin, Bartok or more modern players like David Grubbs or Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou. These are big names, and some may say its pretentious to bring them up as Mr. Thurston's playing certainly isn't flawless or tightly composed (they are improvisations, after all), but follow along closely and you'll hear it all.
    The sound of "obscure love" may be off-putting to those expecting pristine grand piano tones as the playing was fed through a blown-out Roland Cube 60. There is a lot of grit and crackle here and there are arguments as to whether it takes away or adds to the recordings. Personally, I'm into it. Limited and hand-numbered to 75 copies, "Obscure Love" is handsomely-packaged in a slimline case with a complicated sticker-and-transparency combination featuring hidden liner notes.
-Bobby Teenager, Chicago, IL March 2007
Performed, engineered & mixed by T. Thurston at Hear A New World basement studio in Chicago, IL on 03.02.07. A Casio Privia fully-weighted 88-key fake piano was amplified through my brothers' old Roland Cube 60 with a lot of spring reverb. Sounds used were "Piano 2", "Elec Piano 1" and "Strings". It was recorded and mixed on two tracks on a Korg D3200. There was one direct channel and one mic-ed channel (SM57).