&uot IHANW03 | summers are better than others
Magical, Beautiful Presents: "summers are better than others" CDR/fanzine
79 minutes, 42 seconds. 24 songs split into 6 tracks
released 07.19.07 in Los Angeles, California
limited to 50 copies on CDR with individual polaroid and fanzine
$10ppd (for foreign orders, or if you don't have paypal, email)

(Here is Matt & Alance playing w/ All Smiles on cover #12/50
      This is a live DJ/selector mix and fanzine. It features other peoples' music as well as an exclusive remake/remodel of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone's "edith wong" and rare tracks from Don Sutherland & The Anchors. The whole mix is slightly dubbed-out, featuring tasteful & trippy use of delay, reverb & looping effects, as well as some choice vocal interaction.
      Releasing a live mix is something I've wanted to do for a long time; since that fateful winter of 2001 when I thought I got really into drum & bass. I enjoy DJing/selecting, whether it's in a formal situation or by myself at Hear A New World. There is a lack of respect and an over-abundance of ease that goes into making someone a mix these days that has been well-talked about by many. "Summers Are Better Than Others" is a creative effort to combat that disrespect & re-establish the mix as a piece of love and hard work. It is not a cash-in on other musicians/recordists' work - no profit will be made from the selling of this CD - rather, it's a chance for people to re/discover songs in an awesome/fun light they would never hear them otherwise.
      A tracklisting won't be found here, as I don't want prejudices against certain artists affect ones hearing of this album. However, we will tell you that it's seperated into six vague sections: the first establishes the basis of Magical, Beautiful's music; the second is Jamaican; the third is dark & treachorous; the fourth is a good time; the fifth gets pretty gnarly and the final section is THE END.
      Each of the fifty CDs comes with a different polaroid picture taken by T. Thurston (all of which can be viewed by clicking links below). The pictures were taken during the first half of summer, 2007, and are of friends, flowers, lovers, dancing with Seun Kuti & important inanimate objects. Deep within the 100% recycled arigato pak is an 8-page handwritten/typed booklet with anecdotes for each song, pictures of some of the artists as well as a detailed tracklisting. Some are hand-silkscreened, others are hand-painted and early copies look like the pictures above. Another exciting chapter in the wild world of Magical, Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(Due to having permission from only 3 of the artists on the CDR, this release will not be available once the initial 50 are gone. If you are one of the artists on this CD and would like copies, please email.
(LEFT: This is what you see when you open the case. RIGHT: This is part of the booklet.)
Here are scans of all of the polaroids in groups of 6:
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