MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL - right rock double EP
limited edition 2XCD: fall tour 2008

Special edition double CD version of the Right Rock EP featuring long, live band versions of "right rock" and "wings in the sky" melded into one composition! Not a bullshit "special edition" where you barely listen to the bonus disc once, this is a completely different side of Magical, Beautiful that you may not even be familiar with if you've seen the band perform several times. THINGS ARE ALWAYS CHANGING.
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01. Right Rock (single version) 03:54 (T. Thurston)
02. Wings In The Sky (single version) 08:50 (T. Thurston)
03. Luxury Liner (live version) 05:29 (T. Thurston)
01. Right Rock (limited edition) 06:47
02. Wings In The Sky (limited edition) 10:12
Friend and fellow Southern California Dave Osbourn was a student in friend and former engineer Dan Dietrich's recording class at Columbia University. This gave him full access to the incredible Wall to Wall studios in downtown Chicago. I (Mr. Thurston) had previously worked here for a good part of a year on Head of Femur's "great plains" and was well acquainted with all it has to offer, which is: the best outboard gear I've seen; the largest live room I've seen; a great collection of electric & acoustic pianos; killer organs (which we didn't utilize) & friendly folk. Dave's final assignment was to record a band of his choosing, and Magical, Beautiful was that band.

This was an excellent opportunity as the live sound we had been working on was quite different from the recorded versions we all know and love. For me, my songs have to be performed differently than they are heard on record, but I understand that some people really want to bring home what they heard at a show. So, you know, this is for those people, and also for our own listening pleasures.

Setup, sound-getting & tracking was done in a quick-but-relaxed four hours. (Contrast that with the full year it took to record/edit/mix the studio versions of the same tracks.) Alance, Charlie and I were present for these initial sets. There were two takes of each song, with vocals/vocal efx, Fender Rhodes (e. piano), bass, banjo & drums/snare efx recorded live. Sessions were then moved to comrade Nick Broste's home studio, Shape Shoppe, where he recorded his trademark Elka organ. Then I went back and used my brand new pro-tools setup (I've never really used it before) to record some subtle bass guitar on "wings in the sky" as well as Christopher Keener's weird Juno synth for "right rock". Back at Wall to Wall, we track Nick's crazy trombone while I manipulate effects (moogerfooger, delay, reverb) straight to disk. Charlie throws in some low vocals and then mixing and editing gets pretty heavy at both Hear A New World & Shape Shoppe. Editing is minimal compared to any prior Magical, Beautiful recordings - essentially muting things and doing fades and what have you. Final mixing is completed at Shape Shoppe with Nick taking the brunt of the duties. THE END.