Left: cover by Ted Mcgrath. Center: face art by TT. Left: insert by Sara Coffin. Not here: liner notes by TT

++IHANW05: Magical, Beautiful - "right rock" single (CD)
-3 songs. 18 minutes
-pressed in a run of 1000
-first 30 copies on CDr and released at show w/ Black Moth Super Rainbow in Chicago, IL on 03.29.08. All copies thereafter on real CD with pink/brown face print.
-packaging made of 100% recycled cardboard
-This project was supported (in part) by a CAAP grant from the City Of Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Illinois Art Council (a state agency). The rest was supported by my own damn self.
-$6 postage paid in United States. For international orders, email ihearanewword(at)gmail.com
+T. Thurston - writing; recording; producing; mixing; voice; Casio SK-1; Ensoniq ESQ1; Roland XP60; Roland HS-60; Fender Telecaster; Ibanez hollowbody; Conrad electric bass; Akai MPC1000; Fender Rhodes; piano; melodica; drums & percussion; effects; layout and CD face art
+Nick Broste - percussion; engineering and mixing help
+Sara Coffin - percussion; insert art
+Ted Mcgrath - cover art
+Blue Hawaii - mastering (@ Shape Shoppe)
+Kristin Reger - layout help
01. Right Rock (single version) 03:54 (T. Thurston)
02. Wings In The Sky (single version) 08:50 (T. Thurston)
03. Luxury Liner (live version) 05:29 (T. Thurston)
"Magical, Beautiful has released a new three-song CD EP called The Right Rock on his/their own I Hear A New World label. Apparently the whole thing was conceived and written while M,B main-man T. Thurston was on a family Caribbean cruise, fueled by the endless waves and complimentary mojitos. So, we get a tuneful and wordy white-guy island lilt that immediately made me think of Van Dyke Parks's Discover America but that notion was just as quickly confounded by long stark electronic instrumental passages. Quick and intriguing sui generis listen, I've spun it three times today." - Blastitude.
Recorded on the Korg D3200 32-track digital workstation (it has a very small screen) at Hear A New World in Chicago, Illinois. All three songs began with solo, electronic improvisations recorded in June 2007. The songs were written around these improvisations (with the help of copious overdubs and digital editing); they did not exist before. Some additional tracking of piano, Fender Rhodes and snare drum were done at the Shape Shoppe in Chinatown. The primary microphones used were the AT4050 and the ShureSM57. Mixing was primarily done at Hear A New World, with some additional work at White Owl and the Shape Shoppe. Mastering was done at the Shape Shoppe in late March of 2008. Tracking and mixing was finished the night before. LYRICS:
Right Rock
I try
In a fake light I try
I sail
As I pitch aft and fore
BOOM! horn lights the night
Dock gone outta sight
I'm a cypher in the sea
Deep dark down below
Dark men paddle us on home
I'm highighighgighgigh I'm high
Ire's toast in dire straights I fly
Tape sweat through w/ wine
He's drunk for the fourth time (Caribbean Princess)
The bamboo stalks the blonde-haired fox
Floating down an alabaster line
The night oughta slight sight
Watch the light and we rockin right

Wings In The Sky
Nature's scared white as Father's teeth
    gnashing at the breast of Mother meek
Sun is a tear Devil shed in the wake
    of the obscure love his Brother forsake
Waters frozen black like the curse-d tribe
    lost in the desert where Father did them circumscribe
Time is golden, unconscious and wise
    like our Great Sister with her wings in the sky
Boat is cruisin' slow through the sea subdued
Horn is boomin' low as father comes unglued
Island is a hole filled with sweat and sand
Princess docks at night in this mysterious land
Waves unfolding white like Caribbean snow
Landin' on a ruined beach in mainland Mexico
Brothers limpin' badly like a warped album
Sweat Selassie spit and Jamaican rum
Nature's scared white as Father's teeth
    gnashing at the breast of Mother meek
Sun is a tear devil shed in the wake
    of the obscure love his brother forsake
Waters frozen black like the curse-d tribe
    lost in the desert where Father did them circumscribe
Time is golden, unconscious and wise
    like our Great Sister with her wings in the sky
Webster's defines Magical as: "produced by or as if by magic" and also "mysteriously enchanting." Pretty exciting stuff! T. Thurston, a vegetarian for two years in high school, certainly knows a thing or two about mysterious enchantment, if the three songs on the Right Rock b/w Wings In The Sky feat. Luxury Liner EP are any evidence, and they are, because he made the songs: with magic, yes, but also delay pedals in addition to regular instruments and drums, both digital and actual. I say "with magic" because how else could all those sounds be made by just one man? Beats me. In conclusion, Webster's first definition (see above) also defines Magical, Beautiful, because Mr. Thurston thinks of himself as much a producer as a songwriter and/or musician, as he painstakingly distilled each of these songs on a little multi-tracker from a single one-hour improvisation. "Who are some of your favorite producers?" I asked him, and he replied, "Lee Perry, Phil Elverum, Teo Macero, the dude from Can, J Dilla, Lloyd Barnes, Brian Eno, Matt Anderson" in a low, beguiling voice, reminiscent of a young Orson Welles. In the same conversation, he told me, wearing black pants and an orange, flowery shirt, and a fine straw hat, "The melody of 'Wings In The Sky' was based on my favorite Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan qawalli." I found this fact extremely interesting, so I changed the subject to lyrics, and he said in response to that: "I wrote everything on a weird family cruise of the Caribbean. It's about the spiritual conflicts I felt traveling on this big, ugly ship through such a beautiful ocean," he said, in a high, almost plaintively gorgeous voice, as if he were on the ship now, drinking a mojito as the ship captain guested with the on-board steel band singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" as sun-burnt Midwesterners did the limbo and sang along like so many oceanic Bobby McFerrins. As I was lost in this little movie of my mind (I briefly attended film school in the late 1990's), Thurston snapped his fingers, and with a little "poof" and a cloud of smoke, he was gone, leaving in his absence a Magical and Beautiful melody from a neighboring fern. "Ahhhhhh", I thought, with breathless bemusement: "He's done it again!" and then with a smile, and lower in both volume and pitch: "He's done it again. Magical!"
-Owen Ashworth. May, 2008. Chicago, IL