Click on the album covers to find out more about these fine releases, (and, in some cases, download them for free):

IHANW01 - Magical, Beautiful "magical, beautiful" CDr/cassette (2006)
IHANW02 - Magical, Beautiful "obscure love" CDr (2007)
IHANW03 - Magical, Beautiful presents: "summers are better than others" CDr/fanzine (2007)
IHANW04 - Magical, Beautiful presents: "winterlude, winterlude" CDr (2007)
IHANW05 - Magical, Beautiful "right rock" CD/download (2008)
IHANW05.5 - Magical, Beautiful "right rock limited edition" CD/CDr (2008)
-IHANW06 - Magical, Beautiful "live at the viaduct" CDr (SCRAPPED RELEASE; NOT COMING OUT)
IHANW07 - Magical, Beautiful presents: "nearer my god in spring" CDr (2008)
IHANW08 - Alance Movell "alance movell" CDr (2009)
IHANW09 - Magical Beautiful "here come the wild waves" LP/download (2011)
IHANW10 - Magical Beautiful "not building a wall but making a brick" full length cassette/download (2010)
IHANW12 - Ga'an - "call of the black equus" 19-minute, one song cassette tape. limited to 100. (2011)


IHANW*a - "songs for painting" CDr
IHANW*b - "euro field collage" CDr