+Magical, Beautiful on myspace.com - No music or comments, but maybe some lists and stuff that aren't here.
+I Hear A New World on YouTube - Links to recommended videos.
+The New Paisley - Psychedellic art from Kristin Reger.
+Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - has good songs, and employed me for two excellent months.
+Phil Elverum - Mt Eerie, Microphones, PW Elverum & Suns. I don't know him.
+Blastitude - Proof that good music writing still exists.
+Desert Turtles - Past/future collaborator friends from California/Utah.
+The Donkeys - A good band of dudes from California.
+Joe Meek - This is where "I Hear A New World" comes from.
+Herculaneum - Totally awesome band. See them live if you have the chance.
+Albino Crow - A record label from Los Angeles, CA.
+This Generation Tapes - A record label from Long Beach, CA.
+The Dead Science - Avant punk from Seattle, WA.
+Obey Your Brain - A good record label from Chicago, IL.
+Arthur Magazine - Great publication from Los Angeles, CA.
+Gravity Records - Incredible record label from San Diego, CA.