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07.28.09 - Download IHANW09 "Alance Movell" for free here.

07.01.09 - Working on MagicalBeautiful.com. Ihearanewworld.com will focus on the record label while MagicalBeautiful.com will just be about Magical, Beautiful the band. It's simple, you know?
..........In the meantime, check out M,B in Chicago later this month. Check the shows page. Alance Movell CDr coming very soon. Magical, Beautiful LP coming later.

02.10.09 - Hello, hello, hello, hello. Mr. Thurston here. Welcome to the February, 2009 Magical, Beautiful newsletter, brought to you by I Hear A New World Records, Tapes & CDRs.

Many strange and wondrous things have occurred over this particularly cold, Midwestern and isolated winter. Chicago is more frozen than ever, and much of the sound emanating from Hear A New World Studios has held onto that chill. However thick the ice forms around the edges of our production hall, the heart remains warm & full, like a pregnant bear restlessly waking through hibernation; excited & hungry for the future family.

First, time-sensitive matters: Magical, Beautiful is playing a free concert with Golden Birthday at Sonotheque in Chicago on Tuesday, February 17. The show is presented by Obey Your Brain. New material will be debuted. Also this month: Alance and I will be playing in the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone band at Subterranean (Chicago) on Friday, February 27. More on this later in the newsletter.

2008 saw a much clearer public distillation of the Magical, Beautiful modus operandi in the form of "Right Rock", the "Nearer My God In Spring" mix CD and a short live tour of the NorthEastern United States. Privately, recorded works have taken various shape: extended, electronic drones; feedback-laced group improvisations; German-cum-Pakistani trance jams. How these works will be released remains to be seen, but count on the following:

One (1) full-length Magical, Beautiful record comprised of 3-4 long-form original compositions, 1-2 cover songs and several instrumental buffers. This is the main project, and several people have contributed to it thus far, including, but not limited to Alance Ward, Nick Broste, Colby Starck, Christopher Keener and Charlie Vinz. This will be released as a double LP/download.

One electronic full-length record based off the "Music For Painting" CDr (IHANW*A) and a very recent, epic Thurston/Broste/Ward session from the Shape Shoppe. Sound samples coming soon.

Several limited releases tying up the I Hear A New World loose ends: noises, drones, dubs, beats, audio documentaries, etc.

Fanzine/Compilation CDr chronicling the struggles of many musicians and artists suffering writers block and self-destructive urges and how they triumph over it. Contact ihearanewworld@gmail.com if you're interested in contributing.

That should be it as far as releases are concerned. Live concerts in different configurations are to be expected. New technologies to be debuted. New public identities for affiliated projects to be unleashed.

In addition, I'll be back on the road with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, first to South By Southwest in mid-March as a duo, and then in Europe/UK as a four-piece from early April to mid-May. I'll be playing baritone guitar and keyboards, while Nick Tamburo (from the Dead Science) will be drumming, Gordon Ashworth (from Concern & Oscillating Innards) will be on keyboards & Owen Ashworth will sing and play keyboards. We'll be touring in support of the fifth, (and in my opinion, best) Casiotone record: "Vs Children". I'm hoping to book a couple of solo Magical, Beautiful shows at the end of the Europe thing. If you're interested in helping out, contact ihearanewworld@gmail.com.

As for internet related works, I'm considering starting up an online bootleg label where I'll post mp3's of various live/field/interview recordings. This will most likely start after that European tour, with the first "release" a collage documenting the sounds of the trip. Also, as far as the I Hear A New World blog - I'm not sure how active I'll be on there. The lack of writing is not due to lack of inspiration - there are lots and lots of aborted posts - it's just that as soon as I start writing I realize that I have many other, more important pursuits to follow and that I'm not going to give my writing subjects the deep attention they command. Most people that write these days don't spend more time thinking about what they're saying than it takes to write it, and the last thing I want to do is further that horribleness.

That's it, I think. ****BONUS SPUR OF THE MOMENT DECISION: The limited double EP version of Right Rock is currently available in hard copy (with hand-made artwork) for FREE if you send $2 shipping and handling via paypal to ihearanewworld@gmail.com. The "Godspeed You Black President" 7" is not going to happen %u2013 I couldn't get appropriate material together.

Winter listening material: I Shalt Become; Burzum; Graveland; Carcass; Cathedral; Windy & Carl; Grouper; the War On Drugs; 70's Bob Dylan; Keith Hudson; OMD; Willie Nelson; Oscillating Innards; Joy Division; J Dilla; Mahjonng; Mount Eerie; Paavoharju; Roots Manuva; Wolves In The Throne Room; Animal Collective; "Nebraska"; Broadcast.

11.29.08 - For your winter enjoyment: a tape-warmed version of Vince Guaraldi's "Christmastime Is Here". Listen or download here. Recorded on a recent, chilly night with Alance Ward on drums & T Thurston on piano, melodica & electric bass. If you're unfamiliar with the origins of the song, watch this. Its my hopes that this song will help keep us from getting depressed & scared like Charlie Brown over the holidays.
11.20.08 - Uploaded a compressed zip folder of IHANW#07 (Nearer My God In Spring mix) for free download at ihearanewworld.com/mp3/NearerMyGodInSpring.zip. It contains high quality MP3s (192kbps) of the entire album, plus relevant art and text files. If you download it and want to burn it to CD, make sure that your software is set to burn with no pauses between tracks. Spread it along; enjoy winter (Northern Hemisphere) & summer (Southern) with sweaty jungle tunes.
   &nbps;Check journal for a long account of our recent Fall tour. Set aside a good chunk of time; it's long. This winter is spent recording...look out for a T Thurston Electronics show or two, but don't expect any live-ness from Magical, Beautiful until February.

------------Until someone invents a way to hold an internet page in your hands, ihearanewworld.com will stay this simple & low-tech.
All images by T. Thurston. If you want to use them, ask first, please.