I Hear A New World is the home for things made by Tyson Torstensen, a Chicago-based musician, songwriter, composer and producer. Torstensen (aka Thurston) was born in Santa Ana, California, in the year 1980.

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He leads the art-rock band Magical Beautiful, started in 2005 and scheduled to end in 2015.
His solo project, Night Terror, makes blackened progressive music using synthesizers & samples.
He has recently completed his first film score, for Lyra Hill's teen horror drama Uzi's Party.
Since Fall, 2014, Tyson has played bass for Stones-meets-Suicide trio Axis: Sova.
Together with Nick Broste, they form the ambient group Gaspra.
A partial list of other groups in which Mr. Torstensen has served time: Ga'an (2009-11); Advance Base (U.S. tour, '12); Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (various European & U.S. tours, 2006-10); Head of Femur (orchestral prog pop; 2005-07); Northwest (bummer rock; 2003-2005); The Energy (rock; 2002-2004); Days Like Razors (melodic hardcore; 2000-2002); Nemirah (hardcore; 1999-2000); Los Chupacabras (hardcore; 1996-1999); Filthy Pigs (punk; 1996-2001).

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CONTACT Tyson Torstensen at ihearanewworld(at)gmail.com.

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2015.03.25 - I am proud to announce I was voted champion of the 5th annual Chili Synthesizer Cookoff! The event is silly and fun, of course, but I worked really hard on both my set and the chili (Ras El Hanout 420-Alarm Moroccan Chili), and am honored to have won. When performing with synths live, I usually rely on quite a bit of MIDI sequencing, but that is forbidden in the synth cookoff, so it was a big challenge and learning experience to get all of my ideas out simply through complex patch programming (on a Dave Smith Pro 2 and Roland XP60), playing and analog effects manipulation. The chili was absolutely bonkers - here is the full ingredient list, plus a couple pictures. I was confident my chili was better than the competition's, but the other dudes are way more experienced at traditional synthesis than me, and I was intimidated. Thanks Beau Wanzer and Brett Naucke for putting it together, and I look forward to defending my title in 2016.

Magical Beautiful was at the Shape Shoppe for a few days last week doing some of the last overdubs for our last album, "Discover Death!". We currently only have one show scheduled, on May 10 at Schubas opening up for my old Cali friends The Donkeys, but there will be a couple more before we play our final show this summer. The album is sounding awesome. Here is a pic Alance snapped of me giving Charlie some "manual inspiration" to nail his guitar part.

I am leaving in a week for an 11-day tour playing bass in Axis:Sova. Dates can be found on the Strange Victory site. Come check it out - we are ripping pretty hard these days.

Lyra Hill's incredible film, Uzi's Party, for which I composed the score, will be making its world premier on May 15 at the 2015 Chicago Underground Film Festival. It is sure to sell out, so purchase tickets in advance if you are interested in seeing it projected on 16MM. Who knows when that will happen again?

I am playing a solo electro-acoustic set at the Comfort Station on May 25 as part of the Comfort Music series. It is free, and always an enjoyable experience to watch music on a warm evening in the middle of Logan Boulevard. I will be doing more of this sort of stuff in the future.

2015.01.28 - I am happy to announce I will be competing in the 5th annual Chili Synthesizer Cookoff held at the Empty Bottle on Sunday, February 15 at 7PM. Beau Wanzer and Brett Naucke have been putting this together for the past few years, and it's an event I always look forward to, as it manages the difficult feat of making fun a normally dull night of 4 solo synth sets. As the night gets closer, I will share my recipe and give an idea of what my sonic interpretation of the chili will be. For now, I don't want my competition ripping me off. (JK?) also competing: Travis Thatcher; Peter Speer; Wesley Groves. Go here for more info.

2015.01.09 - The big news is that Magical Beautiful will cease operations in June of 2015, nine years after playing our first show. Our final LP, "Discover Death!" will be completed by that date. If I began listing the reasons why we're moving on, the reader would quickly grow bored. The short of it is that I am ready for my internal songwriting & production identity to be flipped. We will be playing just a few shows before our final performance, (probably all in Chicago), so if you like Magical Beautiful at all, don't miss your chance. (Also, if it has been a while since you've seen the band perform, things are much different now. MB doesn't sit still.) Here are two upcoming opportunities: Friday Feb 13 at The Burlington and Saturday Feb 28 at Beat Kitchen.

Unfortunately, I allowed MagicalBeautiful.com to expire, so this page right here is the way to follow us, or you can do it on F*cebook.

Prior to those dates, I am playing a solo set of synthesized sounds on Monday, Jan 12 at a private location. Gordon Ashworth (Portland, OR) will be making a rare appearance, and if you'd like to attend, email me at ihearanewworld(at)gmail.com for details. I will be playing a Roland SH3 fed through the following effects: ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory, ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky, Moog MF Drive, EHX Superego, Moog Ring Mod, DeltaLab Phase Shifter, EHX Deluxe Memory Boy, EHX Cathedral.

In the Fall of 2014 I joined the psychedelic rock group Axis: Sova for an East Coast tour based around several dates with Ty Segall. Since then we have been working on new material, and will be doing some touring in March and April in support of Axis: Sova's second full-length "Early Surf" on (God?/Drag City). A song from that album can be listened to here. This record, as with every Axis: Sova record to date, was made by Brett Sova alone.

The score I wrote, arranged and recorded for Lyra Hill's 16mm teen drama/horror film Uzi's Party, is completed. The film will be playing at various film festivals throughout the year. This was the first time I have done anything like this (score a film; arrange things for strings/reeds/brass), and something I will continue to pursue after Magical Beautiful wraps up. An excerpt can be listened to here (rough mix).

Night Terror, my solo progressive electronic project, played only two shows in 2014. One was mediocre (Schubas with The-Drum); one was incredible (Situations with Oozing Wound). The project is not dead by any means; in fact, 2015 will see the continuation of the Lyra Hill/Night Terror collabo, "Dream Home". This involves a full-length album, full-color 12"x12" comic book and a complicated live tour. Stay tuned. The first itteration of this collaboration can be viewed here. Little, if any, of the elements used in the linked performance will be utilized in the finalized project, though the vibe is right on.

Alance Ward, drummer for Magical Beautiful, released a new Winded album on Bandcamp last month. It is called "Casimir" and can be listened to here. Winded sounds like an extension of Alance's brain, and thus is hard to describe. The Bandcamp tags are actually very spot on: "electronic, industrial, post-punk, Chicago"

The best thing that happened in 2014 was right at the very end: Lyra asked me to marry her, and I said yes.

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Some music I can think of right now that I liked in 2014:
"Burn Your Fire For No Witness" by Angel Olsen
"Who Cares" and "On Sunset" by Nick Krgovich
"S.T.L.A." by Gordon Ashworth
"Earth Suck" by Oozing Wound
"Lese Majesty" by Shabazz Palaces
"Kenny Dennis III" by Serengeti
"Casimir" by Winded
The Flag's as-yet-unreleased album
"Long Way Home" by Neil Young
"Manipulator" by Ty Segall
"Threace" by Cave
"s/t" by Bonnie Prince Billy

Some good shows I remember seeing in 2014:
Kraftwerk 3D at Moogfest in Asheville, NC
Ty Segall at Trinosophes in Detroit, MI
Birds of Maya at Everybody Hits in Philadelphia, PA
Oozing Wound at Situations
Oneida / Cave at Empty Bottle
Maja Ratkje at Constellation
J Fernandez / Roommate at Whistler
Columba Fasciata at Yards
Fielded at Situations
Cool Memories at Situations
Natural Information Society at Empty Bottle
Thin Hymns / Pillars & Tongues at Patio
Population at Empty Bottle
Silver Apples at National Bohemian Cemetary
Cleared / Alex Barnett at Constellation
Dylan Ryan's Sand at Hideout
ADT at Cafe Moustache
Matchess at Empty Bottle