10.10.12 - Four shows in Chicago in the next week:
HORDE at Comfort Station 10/11/12
NIGHT TERROR at Burlington 10/13/12
HORDE at Whistler 10/15/12 (part of Glad Cloud fest)
MAGICAL BEAUTIFUL at Hideout 10/18/12 (playing after a screening of ROCKERS)

What is Horde? Horde is a "pop-up" band featuring me (Tyson Torstensen); Dan Mohr (Dreamweapon, Dahlgren); Ben Babbitt (Pillars & Tongues); Alex Inglizian (El is a Sound Of Joy). We all play keyboard instruments of some sort, and these two shows will be the only chances to see Horde.
     What else is up? Tons! It's just mostly happening in real life, not on the internet. Magical Beautiful still working on writing/recording our follow up to Here Come The Wild Waves; Night Terror finishing up debut album for Living Tapes; Alance just finished a new album for his Winded project; building a new Hear A New World studio; livin' life.

04.23.12 - New NIGHT TERROR songs streaming HERE! Get your first taste! Magical Beautiful at Schubas May 27!

02.08.12 - Night Terror is ready to kill in 2012. See it at the Whistler on March 07 with Deep Sleep (Jeremiah from Icy Demons + Cameron from Chandeliers). Magical Beautiful is at the Burlington with Advance Base (Owen from CFTPA's new jams) and GORDON on Feb 20. Possibly three new I Hear A New World releases this Spring. Stay awake.

01.10.12 - NIGHT TERROR, the solo project from Tyson Torstensen (Magical Beautiful; Ga'an; I Hear A New World) is making its Chicago debut on Saturday, January 21 at the Happy Dog Gallery. Information here.
-- Magical Beautiful's Here Come The Wild Waves was honored with "Best Album Art" of 2011 by Nicholas Zettel of Foxy Digitalis.
-- Black Equus, the newest LP from Ga'an, was chosen as a "best album" of 2011 by 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Revolt of the Apes and Brooklyn Vegan and WFMU and on several lists from Reckless Records.
-- Herculaneum has a new record out, called Uchu. There is a lot more great music coming in 2012 from the I Hear A New World family. We love 2012!!!

11.27.11 - The second album from Ga'an, Black Equus is now available from Captcha Records.

Nick Broste (Magical Beautiful; Herculaneum; Nick Broste trio) and Tyson Torstensen (Magical Beautiful; Ga'an) are debuting as a duo as part of The Whistler's Glad Cloud Ambient Series on December 12, 2011. The show is free, and more information can be found at the Whistler's website.

Hear A New World, the studio/offices/house from which I Hear A New World has been based for the past six years, has disappeared. Things have been a bit quiet as Magical Beautiful has been building out their new practice space, but shows will resume soon. In the mean-time, read this 8/10 Foxy Digitalis review of MB's 2011 LP, Here Come The Wild Waves.

Night Terror, (the solo project from Tyson Torstensen) has been writing new music in preparation for a Chicago debut in early 2012.

Herculaneum, the excellent post-bop/fusion band featuring Nick Broste has a new album and tour coming out in January of 2012. We have heard it and it is a serious brain-blower.

I Hear A New Radio is a new podcast hosted by Tyson Torstensen. It features very in-depth interviews and live performances (or mixes) from underground musicians. If you would like to have your music featured on this program, email tyson: ihearanewworld(at)gmail(dot)com . So far, we have talked to Tim Kinsella; Concern/Oscillating Innards; Ken Camden (Implodes); Advance Base; Serengeti (Anticon) and Larry "Fuzzo" Dolman. New episodes about once a month.

06.15.11 - Magical Beautiful's "here come the wild waves" officially comes out on June 24, but you can get it now on LP here, digitally here and internationally here.

Official release show at Pancho's in Chicago on 6/24 with Implodes, Sapat and Bastardgeist. 18+ $6 9PM.

Check out I Hear A New Radio.

11.15.10 - Not enough time to update ihearanewworld.com right now, for more timely action, go to the following sites:
ihanw.tumblr.com (Tumblr blog thing for I Hear A New World)
myspace.com/gaan (Myspace page for GA'AN)
GA'AN on Facebook
MB on Facebook
10.15.10 - Three new songs from Magical Beautiful's "here come the wild waves" streaming at myspace.com/magicalbeautiful.

09.24.10 - Magical Beautiful's long-in-the-works album "here come the wild waves" is getting mastered tomorrow! MP3's forthcoming in the following days! For more info, plus an awesome new music video go to magicalbeautiful.com/news.html.

In other news, we recently put out a 19-minute cassette single by Chicago's blackened prog titans GA'AN. Listen to samples at myspace.com/gaan. More info on that forthcoming, too! Hope you had a good summer.

04.07.10 - Right now MagicalBeautiful.com is being updated more frequently than ihearanewworld.com. We are busy getting ready for tour.

02.04.10 - Magical Beautiful is going on a in April and May. They will be both opening for, and backing up everyone's favorite minimalist Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. That's right: MB will be playing one set of their own tunes, and then one set backing Owen Ashworth playing CFTPA songs. Dates will be announced once they're all booked! "Not Building A Wall, But Making A Brick" (a recently-released full-length cassette by Magical Beautiful) will be released as a free download from the fine folk at Candy Dinner.

08.28.09 - Magical Beautiful just finished tracking basic tracks for "Purest Place" and "Silverado" at the Shape Shoppe in Chicago, and the songs are sounding super ill. There's only one more song to go, and some more editing/overdubs on other songs, and "Here Come The Wild Waves" will finally be ready for release. blahblahblah although the official "release date" will probably be later. There should also be a Night Terrors full-length out by then. Stay tuned.

07.29.09 - Hello. If you're a returning visitor, please explore the newness of ihearanewworld.com. If you're new to our world: welcome. Projects related to I Hear A New World tend to be ongoing, and this website is no exception. Over time, it will grow in content and usability, so periodic visits will be rewarded. We are very busy with several upcoming (and again, ongoing) projects, so website progress will come in fits and starts.

     Most of our releases, ()including the brand new ALANCE MOVELL album), are available for free download. We enjoy both digital and physical copies of music, (although physical products are more greatly cherished) and believe that you should be able to enjoy our music whether you have money or not. If you do have a budget for supporting music/art, please consider puchasing a physical copy or donating to help us offset our costs. We do not expect to make any money from this business, but do greatly appreciate your support, which will be rewarded with guest list spots and other perks.

     As for news, we have also recently launched MagicalBeautiful.com for our most prolific artist, Magical, Beautiful, who are currently hard at work on their second full-length "here come the wild waves", which we hope to have released on vinyl and CD by December, 2009. Alance's record is available now from us directly (ihearanewworld(AT)gmail.com) or by downloading here. There are also forthcoming releases from Night Terror and tours from Magical, Beautiful. Peace!