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-Right Rock from "Right Rock b/w Wings In The Sky" 2008 (IHANW05)

-On The Wings Of A Desert Turtle (by Desert Turtles and Magical, Beautiful) from "Nearer My God In Spring" 2008 (IHANW07))

-Go here for the entire "nearer my god in spring" 80-minute live mix with exclusives and seriously killer songs, in the free mp3 format. (2008 IHANW07(

-Go here for the entire first album ("Magical, Beautiful" (IHANW01)) in mp3 for free 2006.

-Go here for the entire "Obscure Love" mini-LP for free in high quality mp3 form (2007 IHANW02).

Winterlude, Winterlude, an 80-minute mixtape made live & in realtime w/ Magical, Beautiful exclusives and songs by others 2007 (IHANW04)

-Calloused Fingers Won't Make You Strong, Edith Wong (Magical, Beautiful remake) by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone from "Summers Are Better Than Others" 2007 (IHANW03). (Original CFTPA version appears on "Twinkle Echo" (Tomlab). These vocals are from a demo session I engineered at Hear A New World. Recorded all the other instruments and mixed it for Owen's 30th birthday. He said he liked it but I think the my version kind of negates the power of the original and is a pretty big bummer, but people wanna hear this so here you go.

-Myspace - maybe there are other songs to listen to here? I know their music player sucks awfully hard, but there aren't any comments or dumb photos or whatever else people put on their myspace pages to make them the slowest, worst, shittiest, lamest pieces of shit on the internet of all time.

-BONUS song by Northwest (pre-Magical, Beautiful):
-The Great Unravelling from "The Two EPs" 2003-2004 (Redwood/I Hear A New World/Albino Crow Music). (Northwest was/could still be: Chris Smith - vocals/bass/electronics; T. Thurston - guitar/delay/Juno60; David Garcia - drums)
Please do not listen to these songs on your built-in computer speakers. You will be missing a lot of music. Headphones are most preferable, but I'll be happy enough if you just promise not to listen on those little laptop speakers! In fact, by downloading these records you are signing a legally-binding agreement not to listen to them on those little speakers. All rights reserved. All songs copyright T. Thurston unelss otherwise noted.

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M,B - horsebreaker/(i just wanna) be yr man/right rock live 06.28.08 in Chicago

M,B - wings in the sky live 06.28.08 in Chicago

M,B - i hear a new world live 04.15.07 in Chicago

*** It is this listener's reccomendation that recorded music be listened to on record, compact disc or cassette through a decent pair of non-earbud headphones or a nice hi-fi system. You are not hearing the music that was recorded when you listen to mp3's, especially ripped at less than 192kbps. Don't make your ears dumb.